South Central Cartel


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Collocates slang5 hustle4 brick3 sling3 chop2 cook2 H-town2 move2 weed2 serve2 block blow ⋅ china white ⋅ chopper clique cocaina corner ⋅ crack crazy dough dro ends fetti fifth front fuck with go hard good hammer ⋅ hay ⋅ Hen ⋅ hood indo loco mob ⋅ on the grind one-time plug pound ⋅ push straight strap ⋅ Swisher trap triple beam weight whip bang ⋅ clucker third coast 5-0 A1 A.T.L. all about ⋅ angel dust back in the day bitch
Domains Cocaine Drugs
Synonyms A1 cane cocaina flake ice cream nose candy perico powder snow snowflake snow white V-12 white white girl white horse white line yac yam yayo yola

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