Intelligent Hoodlum

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Do you understand?
Collocates shit5 ball3 bird3 hood3 cop2 dog2 street2 I'mma2 rap2 jigga2 -ass2 bitch2 bring ⋅ bust chill cook ⋅ crew crunk def deuce deuce for real front fuck with gangbanger ⋅ ghetto bird grown ⋅ hate ⋅ herb homie hustle Magnolia ⋅ mayne Nolia on the low pie ⋅ player pop ⋅ rap ride ⋅ serve ⋅ shorty ⋅ slang son spit swerve ⋅ twisted ⋅ muh'fucker weight Hova ⋅ MC pimp ⋅ 6 and shit bark ⋅ beat Bentley ⋅ bitch bomb ⋅ bread
Domains Everyday
Related concepts aight ⋅ no doubt ⋅ that's my word ⋅ word is bond word up

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