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Categories Abbreviations
Collocates roll5 drank4 weed4 bitch3 freaky3 Lex3 chronic2 coke2 dro2 herb2 heron2 hoe2 blow ⋅ blunt booty ⋅ broccoli BX cane crank ⋅ crunk dope ecstasy fuck with go hard in the paint grill ⋅ handlebar ⋅ hard Hennessy ⋅ hit ⋅ homegirl ⋅ hydroponic lean mayne ménage ⋅ O ⋅ on point retarded serve ⋅ set ⋅ slang sprung ⋅ stack thizz wodie work X.O. angel dust Cris
Domains Drugs
Etymology Derives from ecstasy
Shout-outs Chevrolet Diddy Malcolm X
Synonyms e ecstasy molly thizz

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