JT The Bigga Figga


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drugs intended for sale
Collocates front6, weight4, flip3, move3, hustler3, plug3, re-up3, D2, bitch2, whip2, trap2, chicken2, d-boy, fiend, four pound, grind, hard, heater, herb, heron, hood, j, kush, mash out, murk, Optimo, pack, papes, player, powder, purp, pusher man, re-up, serve, shorty, skrr, slang, slanger, sour diesel, spot, street, Timbs, triple beam, X, X.O., yo, yola, zip, G-pack, slang, cake, stack, 12, Benjamin, birdy, block, boo, cake, Calico, cavi, chop up, chop, coke
Domains Drug Sales
Synonyms product, stash, supply, weight
Related concepts hustle, push, serve, slang, sling, trap, trapper

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