Three 6 Mafia


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a steering wheel with wood grain detail;
wooden interior features of an automobile
Categories Cars
Collocates leather4, candy3, chrome3, whip2, swang2, rims2, I'mma2, hood2, floss2, Range2, Vogue2, Cadillac, check, D's, dip, game, H-town, hard, hood, Lambo, Lex, Mary Jane, off the chain, purple drank, purple stuff, push, rap, represent, ride, slab, slip, swerve, Swisher, tip, toast, trill, twinky, wood, word, flip, 24, 45, 6, bang, barre, Benz, bitch, brain, Caddy
Domains Style
Synonyms wood, wood-wheel
Related concepts drop, old school, ride, slab, whip

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