Marley Marl


auxiliary verb
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trying to
Collocates maintain5, hoe5, stack5, stunt4, on the low4, G4, stripes4, slang3, snatch3, -ass3, hater3, club3, rep on3, ayo2, bite2, chicken2, come up2, cop2, front2, guap2, hood2, 'jects2, hit a lick2, murk2, on the grind2, paper2, player-hate2, po-po2, punk2, shot2, show out2, steelo2, cheese2, make it rain2, sneak dis2, flavor, flex, floss, floss on, flow, fly, froze, fuckboy, G, get your ____ on, ghetto, ghetto bird, go hard, grind, gun-clapper, hard, hard, hate on, head, heat, hit, homeboy, hottie, hustle, I'mma, in the wind, Jacob, kick, l, lac, Lex, loc, mail, nose candy, oowop, Optimo, pack, package, play, player-hater, plug, pop, props, Range, rapper, rap, Rari, raza, realness, rhyme, rims, rock, roll, scratch, shotty, skeeze, slug, smoke, soldier, spot, steady, step off, step to, swag, talk shit, thick, thot, throw shade, toolie, trap, trill, trip, True, turnt, twist, weight, what it do, whip, whip, wodie, word, word up, Y.G., yam, yo, yo, 365, 5-0, 9, beat, biatch, bish, holla at, mine, P's, player-hate, regulate, squad, step, swerve, trife, what it do, 12, air out, and shit, baby mama, baby mama drama, bitch, bitch, bitch, bling, bling, block, blunt, bool, bopper, buck-wild, cake up, cat, chill, chips, chop, Clover, cock-block, commas, crack, crib, cut, dap, dick, dime, diss, dome, dome, ether, fish scale
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