triple beam

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a balance scale, typically used to measure a quantity of drugs
Collocates cream8, weight5, brick4, dope3, cake3, fish scale2, mail2, dough2, bird2, fiend2, hella2, fiend2, I'mma2, sleep on2, Dom P, dope, elroy, fuck with, game, gat, ghetto, green, guap, hood, kilo, ki, nahmean, lace, mad, mean-mug, O, old school, ounce, post up, rapper, rhyme, rock, serve, slang, slide, uzi, word up, work, yay, chop, gram, pound, zip, 380, Bentley, bitch, booty, candy, cavi, chicken, chopper, clip, coke, cook up, crack, crack house
Domains Drug Sales
Related concepts flip, grind, hustle, move, product, pump, push, serve, sling, stash, supply, trap, weight, work

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