triple beam

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a balance scale, typically used to measure a quantity of drugs
Collocates cream7 weight5 brick4 cake3 dope3 fiend2 dough2 fish scale2 hella2 fiend2 bird2 cook up ⋅ crack crack house ⋅ Dom P ⋅ dope elroy fuck with game gat ghetto green guap hood I'mma kilo ⋅ ki nahmean ⋅ lace ⋅ mad mail mean-mug O ⋅ old school ounce ⋅ post up ⋅ rapper rock serve ⋅ slang sleep on slide ⋅ uzi ⋅ work yay chop ⋅ gram ⋅ pound ⋅ zip 380 ⋅ Bentley ⋅ bitch booty ⋅ candy ⋅ cavi chicken chopper clip coke
Domains Drug sales
Shout-outs 500 SEL BMW 745i Chevrolet Master P Missy Elliott Mr. Lucci Mr. Pookie TRU
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