Too $hort


intransitive verb
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to react negatively, lose one's cool
Collocates baby mama7 bitch5 bitch4 chips4 wodie3 yo3 1872 5-02 and shit2 clip2 ends2 glizzy2 hater2 hoe2 kick it2 Phillie2 ride2 sherm2 sneak dissing2 stack2 static2 tool2 tote2 weed2 whip2 yac lac -ass four fifth 40 ounce all about ⋅ all that and a bag of chips assed-out back in the day beef Beretta bick back block blunt BM bool bop bounce ⋅ bout ⋅ brick bruh ⋅ cavi chicken chin check chota clique up clip club cook ⋅ Cris cuff dank ⋅ dead president Desert Eagle dip ⋅ diss dog doja dope dope-boy dump ecstasy figures flip the script flip ⋅ floss four pound furl game gauge glock grown ⋅ H-town Hennessy ⋅ high-saditty hit ⋅ hood I'mma Ian in the cut 'jects keep it real knock boots let off loc ⋅ loot ⋅ make it rain mean-mug mopstick murk nickel sack nina 9 on point opp parlay peel someone's cap pimp ⋅ player-hate po-po pound ⋅ punk purple drank push rapper regulate ⋅ rip ⋅ it's all good scratch ⋅ scrill serve ⋅ sheisty skrt slow your roll spit spliff spray ⋅ straight straight strap ⋅ stripes stunt sucker thick ⋅ throw a set throwed ⋅ trap trapper trife trill tryna vest ⋅ wet whip X.O.
Synonyms flip
Related concepts hate ⋅ loc out ⋅ player-hate set-trip

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