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Collocates blow10 O.Z.6 owl4 ki4 puff3 twist3 weed3 green leaf3 I'mma2 rap2 slang2 spark up2 twist up2 fuck with2 cop2 D's2 white2 bitch2 lean2 D D dunn Dutch fire 40 dog game government cheese hard haze ⋅ Hennessy ⋅ Henny hood hooptie hustle hyphy kick it ⋅ la Olde E on point on the low Optimo perico plug powder puff ⋅ purple ⋅ push re-up sheisty sit on snow spark ⋅ telly weight whip birdy straight cheese roll O.G. yac 83's blaze ⋅ block blow ⋅ bounce ⋅ breezy broccoli burn ⋅ chicken chief chronic ⋅ club crack crew
Domains Drugs Marijuana
Etymology perhaps from the cannabis bud's resemblance to a tree
Synonyms 420 boom broccoli cabbage celery doja dro good grass green green leaf herb hydro hydroponic illy indo indonesia ism killer kush la loud mota onion peng piff pine purp red hair sess skama skunk sour diesel swag weed

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