transitive verb
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to carry (a weapon)
Categories Weapons
Collocates glock37, gat28, heat24, TEC18, steel17, chopper14, 4414, 914, K12, chrome12, strap11, iron8, 458, tool7, hammer7, four pound7, Mac6, heater6, clip5, AK5, blunt5, bitch5, 405, Desert Eagle5, nina4, metal4, I'mma4, hater4, uzi4, toast3, and shit3, biscuit3, block3, bust3, Calico3, crew3, hood3, spot3, toolie3, coke3, dope2, fully2, mad2, nahmean2, pack2, post up2, rep2, roll with2, shotty2, slang2, snub2, trip2, vest2, dog2, weed2, crack2, bout2, burner2, bud2, bitch2, TEC-92, ratchet, ratchet, rhyme, ride, rider, rift, rock, rolly, roll, roll, sag, serve, set, shorty, SK, skunk, squeeze, stack, stack, swanga, 10, throw up, thug, trap, wet, wet up, what it is, whip, wild, wodie, wool, yo, ghetto, break off, do, dro, drop, dump, floss, four fifth, fuck with, gangsta, gauge, jump off, serve, talk shit, feel, let off, round, bomb, diss, off the chain, -ass, 38, 22, 357, 380, 9 millimeter, ayo, bang, banger, beef, bird, blades, blast, boo, bust, buster, Cali, come up, candy, chain, chop, clap, clap, clique, corner, cream, crunk, D.E., deuce deuce, dis, grown, hoe, ghetto, hollow-tip, homie, hustle, icy, keep it real, kilo, knot, lac, lick, loc, loco, loco, MAC-10, MAC-11, mack, mill, mine, move, O.E., pop, pop, pound, projects, project, puff, pump, rap
Synonyms pack, strap
Related concepts strapped

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