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of a person, resembling or acting like a thug;
of a thing, characteristic of a thug
Collocates club5, block4, hard4, throw up4, straight3, bugged-out3, hood3, gangsta2, gauge2, ghetto2, glock2, grimy2, hoe2, hustle2, on the low2, I'mma2, projects2, game2, squad2, ayo2, bust2, clique2, feel2, flow2, hammer, hard, heat, heater, homeboy, hoo-ride, hustle, hustler, icy, knot, loc'd out, mean-mug, mill, mine, no doubt, peep, play, player, QBC, ride, scratch, slang, slug, slug, soldier, spit, spit, spliff, straight up, street, TEC, thug, thug life, to the fullest, toast, uptown, V.I., wig, yo, yo, rap, -ass, 41st side, as shit, ball, ballin, blunt, bow, brah, candy-coated, cat, chain, cheese, chrome, crew, DJ, dog, East New York, eye jammy, floss, gang, go off, greenery, gully
Etymology Derives from thug
Synonyms thugged-up, thuggish
Related concepts thug life

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