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of a person, resembling or acting like a thug;
of a thing, characteristic of a thug
Collocates club5, block4, hard4, throw up4, hood3, straight3, ayo2, bust2, clique2, feel2, game2, gangsta2, gauge2, ghetto2, glock2, grimy2, hoe2, hustle2, I'mma2, projects2, squad2, -ass, 41st side, as shit, ball, ballin, blunt, bow, brah, bugged-out, candy-coated, cat, chain, cheese, chrome, crew, DJ, dog, East New York, eye jammy, floss, flow, gang, go off, greenery, gully, hammer, hard, heat, heater, homeboy, hoo-ride, hustle, hustler, icy, knot, loc'd out, mean-mug, mill, mine, no doubt, on the low, peep, play, player, QBC, ride, scratch, slang, slug, slug, soldier, spit, spit, spliff, straight up, street, TEC, thug, thug life, to the fullest, toast, uptown, V.I., wig, yo, yo
Etymology Derives from thug
Synonyms thugged-up, thuggish
Related concepts thug life

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