Too $hort

the Bay

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the San Francisco Bay area
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Collocates bitch5 player5 hyphy5 G4 represent3 mob3 the A3 hood2 game2 straight2 I'mma2 chips2 rep2 stack2 clip2 1872 hoe2 homie2 dog dope down with ⋅ fade ⋅ fuck with fuck with green green hater hay ⋅ hella hustler ice cream man indo jack ⋅ janky kick it ⋅ mayne O.G. parlay raw ⋅ real ⋅ sheisty show out slang South Central ⋅ spray up steel stunt sucker Vogue weed yola bounce ⋅ locked ⋅ Philly ⋅ hyphy cane A.T.L. AK ⋅ ball ⋅ bank bitch block buddha ⋅ Cali come up ⋅ Chi-town chill club crunk dank ⋅ dip
Derivatives the yay
Region West coast
Synonyms 415

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