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a TEC-9 (semi-)automatic handgun
Categories Weapons
Collocates tote15, vest9, Lex9, Mac5, Calico4, 94, shotty3, let off3, bang3, set3, dump2, I'mma2, muffler2, pack2, projects2, rep2, sawed-off2, slug2, spit2, spit2, Desert Eagle2, clip2, wet2, blunt2, blow2, flex2, dump2, gauge2, dirt, dog, Eagle, indo, floss, four fifth, 45, gangsta, get busy, ghetto bird, gun-clap, Henny, hollow-point, hustler, in effect, jook, let off, low-low, locster, MAC-10, MAC-11, nina, on the low, one-time, Range, ratchet, round, shot, talk, thug, toolie, tool, touch, trey pound, uz, blicky, four pound, glock, uzi, wet, 'jects, 44, 64, 9 milli, Ac, all about, Benz, bitch, blaow, blast, blaze, blaze, bread, bust, bust, BX, cap, chin check, clique, correct, crew, crib, D.E.
Etymology Derives from TEC-9
Related concepts AK, AR, chopper, MAC

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