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a cigarillo, typically emptied of tobacco and packed with marijuana
Collocates roll4 roll up4 blunt3 Optimo3 bitch3 Backwoods3 figures2 blink2 blow2 cut up2 herb2 Phillie2 smoke2 twist2 hay ⋅ Henny juice ⋅ killer knock out the box lead ⋅ paper pine purp skunk steady sweet ⋅ telly twist ⋅ Vega weed white wood-grain yay fifth doja 40 bitch blaze up ⋅ chill dome Dutch finna fly four pound good gram ⋅ green leaf
Domains Marijuana Proprietary
Etymology from the Swisher Sweet brand of cigar
Synonyms sweet
Related concepts Backwoods Dutch Optimo Owl Philly ⋅ Vega White Owl

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