The Sugarhill Gang


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a contemptible person, especially someone who pretends to be something he's not
Antonyms baller, G, hustler, mack, mack daddy, pimp
Categories Insults
Collocates player-hate6, -ass5, clucker5, ruckus5, punk5, buster4, static3, hoe3, mean-mug3, gank3, stunt3, simp2, snitch2, soft2, sucker MC2, wack2, smoke2, all about2, booty2, cock-block2, corner2, dis2, drop knowledge2, front2, on point2, punk2, rap2, beef2, bitch2, talk shit2, chicken2, diss2, crazy2, block, body, booyah, bruh, bugged-out, burn, bust a grape, CPT, chain, chucker, cold, crab, cream, crew, cuddy, cuff, dead, delf, down with, drop science, eightball, fetti, flake, flavor, game, gangsta, gank, gat, go hard, green, green, hate, hater, heat, hoo-rida, Hot 97, ill, in the wind, jock, joint, juice, knock out the box, Lambo, Lex, maintain, MC, out of pocket, papes, parlay, peep out, playa-made, po-po, pop, pull someone's card, rapping, retarded, rock, rock, roll, set, show out, simp, skeeze, skeeze, skelly, sleep on, spot, steady, stripes, sweat, Dayton, the Bay, thoed, thug, trife, trill, trip, vest, wanksta, wannabe, wet, wet up, wack, word, word up, yaper, yo, Caddy, street-sweep, I'mma, assed-out, fed, regulate, sneak dis, sneak dis, hip-hop, hype, battle, booty, chicken, hustler, stash, ain't no thang, fuck with, hip-hop, 365, wick-wack, A1, beef, 187, beat, front, bitch, Benz, bite, biter
Synonyms bitch, buster, fuckboy, herb, punk, puto

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