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a guy;
a male friend
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates beef6, yo5, word up4, word is bond4, rhyme4, what's up3, game3, shit3, ayo3, simp2, blood2, bust2, dog2, Dutch2, on lock2, gat2, keep it real2, l2, mad2, maintain2, 92, on the low2, peep2, represent2, skama2, thick2, sleep on2, steelo2, correct2, tool2, wack2, what up2, blast2, block2, Eagle, East New York, fiend, flow, for real, four pound, fuck with, gangsta rap, Garcia Vega, gators, glock, go hard, grown, guap, gully, hard, heat, hold it down, hood, hooptie, hot one, I'mma, ill, in the cut, iron, j's, John Blaze, nahmean, nahmsayin, knuckle check, let off, let off, Mac, mad, mail, max, move, murk, no homo, off the chain, off the heezy, off the meat rack, on the d-low, on the reg, oowop, ox, pack, parlay, play, player-hate, powder, proper, props, push someone's wig back, Range, rep, rock, rolly, sheisty, shot, spark, spray up, stack, steez, step off, street, stripes, sweat, TEC-9, tight, toast, trife, V.I., weight, what it do, what it is, what's poppin', word to your mother, Y.O., ya heard, yo, yola, fed, real, diss, -ass, 25 with an L, 40 ounce, 411, 718, assed-out, Audi, beef, Benz, -iggity, bitch, blow, bodega, boo, bread, Brick City, bring, Bucktown, bugged-out, bug out, cake, cheddar, chill, cock-block, coke, connect, cool out, crack, decimals, dimepiece, dolo, down, drop knowledge
Synonyms B, dog, G, god, homeboy, homegirl, homie, loc, mayne, wodie
Related words dunn

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