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a guy;
a male friend
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Collocates beef5 rhyme3 blast2 block2 blood2 bust2 dog2 Dutch2 game2 gat2 gauge2 l2 peep2 represent2 skama2 simp2 sleep on2 steelo2 tool2 wack2 what's up2 yo2 -ass 25 with an L 40 ounce 411 718 ayo assed-out Audi beef Benz -iggity blow ⋅ bodega ⋅ boo bread Brick City bugged-out bug out cake cheddar chill cock-block coke ⋅ connect cool out ⋅ correct crack decimals dimepiece diss dolo down ⋅ drop knowledge Eagle fed fiend ⋅ flow for real four pound fuck with gangsta rap Garcia Vega gators go hard grown ⋅ guap gully hard heat hold it down hot one I'mma in the cut iron j's John Blaze keep it real nahmean ⋅ knuckle check let off Mac mad mad mail max move murk 9 no homo off the chain off the heezy off the meat rack on lock on the d-low on the low on the reg pack play ⋅ player-hate powder proper props push someone's wig back Range ⋅ real ⋅ rep ⋅ rock rolly sheisty shit ⋅ spark ⋅ spray up stack steez street ⋅ stripes sweat ⋅ TEC-9 thick ⋅ tight toast V.I. weight what it is what up ⋅ word to your mother ⋅ word up ⋅ Y.O. ya heard yo yola

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