Grandmaster Melle Mel


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Collocates hoe3 move3 push2 blow2 dro2 rap2 block bow ⋅ brick Chi-town chop ⋅ coke ⋅ connect dog food ⋅ dough down with ⋅ drank ⋅ drive-by ⋅ fetti flow go hard gram ⋅ hit a lick hoe stroll hustle hustler iced-out ki kicks O ⋅ on the cut on the low Optimo Rover sherm slang soda ⋅ trap tree uptown ⋅ weed yo birdy Valley Joe
Domains Drugs
Synonyms A1 cane cocaina flake ice cream nose candy perico powder snowflake snow white V-12 white white girl white horse white line yac yam yay yayo yola

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