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sit on

transitive phrasal verb
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to have
Collocates Lorenzo9 D's9 chrome7 205 Benzo4 True3 roll3 Sprewell3 swanga3 whip2 Vogue2 642 Dayton2 Forgis2 rims2 dub deuce2 blades2 homeboy I'mma impala ⋅ indo ki lac Mac mad paid phat ⋅ projects ratchet represent rolly shoe ⋅ swang ⋅ tip ⋅ tree twinky ⋅ wood-wheel yac thug ride ⋅ 84's around the way Benz blow ⋅ breezy chop ⋅ crew crib feet ⋅ fly 4 ⋅ gangsta glock hard hit switches
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