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sit on

transitive phrasal verb
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to have
Collocates chrome10, Lorenzo10, D's9, 207, Benzo4, whip3, Sprewell3, roll3, 643, Vogue3, Dayton3, swanga3, True3, ride2, blades2, dub deuce2, dub2, triple gold2, D2, ki, rims, rolly, shoe, represent, phat, swang, thug, tip, twinky, wood-wheel, ratchet, mad, paid, hit switches, gangsta, Mac, rhyme, chop, Lambo, indo, lac, blade, I'mma, raza, yac, 84's, around the way, 4, tree, projects, Bentley, Benz, crib, deuce, Escalade, drop, Cadillac, breezy, blow, chips, crew, chromed-up, fly, homeboy, glock, feet, impala, hard
Related concepts havin' thangs

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