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a gunshot
Collocates let off56, bust17, dump6, mad5, lick5, block5, crazy4, Calico4, bumba claat4, AK3, lick off3, props3, tool3, I'mma2, heat2, dome2, Mac2, booyaka2, buck2, dead2, gat2, glock2, got2, tryna2, pop2, nuff2, four pound, G, ghetto, go hard, guap, head, heater, herb, hoe, hood, hooptie, hops, hot one, ill, in the house, iron, K, kick, knot, let off, lid, loco, maintain, melon, mob, narc, off the hook, on the low, parlay, peace, peep, pop, pop off, pop off, posse, proper, propers, punk, round, sawed-off, shotta, slug, smoke, son, spit, spot, squeeze, street-sweeper, TEC, toast, 2, vest, wet, wet up, what it do, wild out, word up, bitch, pump, clip, spray, 8, diss, toolie, air out, biscuit, blaow, blast, Brownsville, buck, buck-fifty, bwoy, Cali, cat, chill, clip, corner, crack rock, Crooklyn, DT, dis, double R, fade, fam, fed, fin', flooded, 44, four fifth
Domains Violence

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