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a gunshot
Collocates let off43 bust16 dump6 block5 Calico4 lick4 opp4 AK3 bumba claat3 pop3 tool3 booyaka2 corner2 crazy2 gauge2 got2 heat2 lick off2 Mac2 nuff2 props2 8 air out bare ⋅ biscuit bitch blaow blast ⋅ buck ⋅ buck ⋅ bwoy ⋅ Cali cat ⋅ chill clip clip crack rock Crooklyn DT dead diss dome double R dump off ⋅ fade ⋅ fed fin flooded ⋅ FN ⋅ 44 ⋅ food four fifth four pound freak ⋅ G gat ghetto glizzy glock go hard guap head ⋅ heater herb hoe hood hooptie hops hot one ill ⋅ in the house ⋅ iron K ⋅ kick ⋅ knot let off lick ⋅ lid ⋅ loco mad melon mob ⋅ narc off the hook on the low oowop parlay peep peeps Phillie ⋅ po-po pop off ⋅ posse ⋅ proper pump ⋅ round ⋅ sawed-off shotta skeng ⋅ skengman ⋅ slug smoke ⋅ sneak dis spit spit spot ⋅ spray ⋅ TEC toast toolie tryna 2 ⋅ vest ⋅ wet wet up ⋅ what it do wild out ⋅ word up
Domains Violence
Synonyms gun-clap

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