2015-05-08 OG Maco "New $$$" [Tax Free]
Back then, I was riding round with them tools, fam
2014-04-03 Lil Herb "All I Got" feat. Lil Bibby [Welcome to Fazoland]
You know we keep that tool, fam, please don't front, your move, fam
2011-01-11 Schoolboy Q "Birds & The Beez" feat. Kendrick Lamar [Setbacks]
No job, no bail, no fam, no mail
2010 Dom Pachino "Camo Commando" [Tera Iz Him 2: Chronicles From The Dirty Doctrine]
I rhyme sick, fam, don't climb up this tree, you're a dead kitten
2009 Mac Miller "Barz For Dayz" [The Jukebox: Prelude To Class Clown]
What's good, fam, I love money, I will marry cake
2009-11-02 Shyheim "Love Letters" feat. Mya [Disrespectfully Speaking]
The go hard type, he was always lookin out for fam
2008 Dr. Ama "The Realest" feat. Haxaw, R.B.I [Sex, Crime & Audiotape]
$150 l's, how I do, fam, it's nothing, it's peanuts
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "The Way I Live" feat. Big Mike, Mr. 3-2 [Evacuation Notice]
Trying to feed the fam and make some mail
2007-03-20 Evidence "Let Yourself Go" feat. The Alchemist [The Weatherman]
If you ain't hustlin, then we gon' have a problem, fam
2006-07-18 Boot Camp Clik "Don't You Cross The Line" [The Last Stand]
My shit don't jam, murk you and your fam
2006-07-06 116 Clique "Act Out" [The Compilation Album]
If you get the truth, holla at ya boy, fam
2005-10-30 Buddha Monk "City Without A Heart" feat. Dee, G-Note$, Grime, Menace, Ruggs McGusto [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son]
All them onion-head fuckas you call ya fam
2005-06-28 Mathematics "Two Shots of Henny" feat. Allah Real, Angie Neil, Buddah Bless, Eyeslow, Hot Flames, Panama P.I. [The Problem]
All my peeps and my fam in the telly fuckin'
2005-02 JoJo Pellegrino "Boss" feat. Pain In Da Ass [Hitman For Hire]
My tool make your fam nervous
2005-02-08 Krayzie Bone "I Remember" [Gemini: Good Vs. Evil]
Come between some damn trues and cause a fam fued
2004-07-13 Dutchmassive "Dr. Ama" feat. J.J. Brown [Junk Planet]
Maintain, fam, hold your head
2004-02-10 Pitch Black "Got It Locked" feat. Foxy Brown [Pitch Black Law]
My fam sell weight wholesale like Costco
2003-09-09 Trae "Wanna See Me Gone" feat. Charlie Berry [Losing Composure]
Now I'm grinding every day, I gotta ride for the fam
2003-06-24 Gang Starr "Nice Girl, Wrong Place" feat. Boy Big [The Ownerz]
You holdin it down for your whole fam
2001 One Session "Just The Fax" [DJ Bobby B Presents: The Hidden Treasures]
Yo, track dedicated to the true fam
2000-11-21 Nas "Real Niggas" feat. Ruc [QB's Finest]
QBC's finest, Bing, Crime Fam, Killa Kids, Malik the Hitler
1999-09-14 The Representativz "Meditation" [Duck Down Presents]
My sons I chill wit, fam I stack the dollar bills wit
1998-04-28 Big Pun "Fast Money" [Capital Punishment]
Grab his fam, and run the train on his granddaughter
1996-06-04 Lost Boyz "Renee" [Legal Drug Money]
Ayo, fam, I got a tender-roni girl
1996-02-13 2Pac "Got My Mind Made Up" feat. Daz, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman [All Eyez On Me]
Lick off a shot and hit ya fam by mistake
1995-11-21 Group Home "Serious Rap Shit" feat. Big Shug, Guru [Livin' Proof]
Me and my fam take this rap shit serious
1995-07-18 Guru "Looking Through Darkness" feat. Mica Paris [Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality]
Aiyyo, peace to my fam, especially my man Premier
1994-12-06 Black Sheep "Peace To The Niggas" [Non-Fiction]
Jets to 'jects, I flex them cheques, my fam in the plan
1993-10-19 Black Moon "Who Got Da Props?" [Enta Da Stage]
Bust my plan, it feeds back on my fam