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Collocates about4, paper3, bout3, fetti3, grill3, hoe3, scratch3, grind3, steady2, stack2, baller2, all about2, bitch2, hard2, feel2, steel2, mill2, guap, holla, homie, hood, hustle, I'mma, keep it real, kill, live, mack, move, on the grind, on point, on the real, pack, peel, proper, pusher, ride, roll, spit, thug, tree, trick, trip, weight, whip, wood-wheel, nahmsayin, all about, ball, bitch, block, blow, boss, bread, peel someone's cap, De Ville, flip the script, flow, for real, for real, G, go hard, grill
Domains Money
Related concepts long, tall

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