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a shotgun with a short barrel
Categories Metonyms, Shotguns, Weapons
Collocates 12-gauge6, bitch5, glock4, AK3, bust3, gauge3, I'mma3, boss2, bust2, chopper2, Mac2, pack2, pop2, punk2, roll with2, shell2, TEC2, 380, 9, 9 millimeter, automatic, bail, big-baller, blast, block, break off, Calico, cheese, creep, crib, dip, dome, dope, down, dump, flip the script, fly, front, fuck with, fuck with, gangsta, go off, heater, homie, ill, jump off, K, Lex, lick, light up, loc'd, MAC-10, nina, O.G., pump, sheisty, shot, sling, soft, spray, squad, static, step, strapped, street-sweeper, talk, tax, TEC-9, your ass is grass, trey eight, trey pound, yo, yo
Related concepts 12-gauge, gauge, pistol-grip, pump, shell, shotty, street-sweeper

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