Too $hort


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a small bag of drugs, typically marijuana
Categories Quantities
Collocates yac7 blow3 slang3 front3 cop3 stack3 crack3 glock2 rack2 spot2 weed2 chief2 doja2 fire2 push someone's wig back chill club connect dime dope dub ⋅ flip ⋅ G gat ghetto-fabulous go hard good got 5 on it gram ⋅ herb homie la lac mack ⋅ mayne Optimo piff pine plug pop ⋅ rap re-up rock roll roll up ⋅ serve ⋅ shady ⋅ sling ⋅ straight strapped throwed ⋅ 20 what's crackin' yo bitch nick foe'nem ⋅ pack kush twist ⋅ -ass 50 ⋅ 9 Ac beamer ⋅ beat blazed ⋅ blow ⋅ burn ⋅ Cadillac
Domains Drug sales
Region West coast
Shout-outs Al Skratch Big Ill Juicy J

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