Kurtis Blow

roll with

transitive phrasal verb
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to accompany
Collocates True3 posse3 thug3 hood2 heat2 yo2 crew2 clique2 sawed-off tote -ass 30-30 Ac act like you know ⋅ AP as fuck baby mama baller ⋅ battle ⋅ beef Benzo bitch bitch brain brick buddha ⋅ bumrush cake up chickenhead chief Clover crazy Daytona down ⋅ drop dunn fed four fifth for real G'd up ⋅ gat herb iron ish keep it real lean live ⋅ Mac mob ⋅ nina nuff O.Z. on point Optimo posse up real ⋅ roughneck ⋅ sheisty squeeze ⋅ strap ⋅ sucker duck trey pound vest ⋅ wet buster hater hustler slang opp ball ⋅ cat ⋅ chrome figures gang ⋅ homie on the low
Related concepts bumrush clique crew gang ⋅ mob ⋅ roll deep

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