Black Moon


1993-10-19 Black Moon "Son Get Wrec" [Enta Da Stage]
Plus they will, three slugs through your grill
1999-09-28 Mac Dre "Fast Money" feat. Dutches, Kokane, Warren G [Rapper Gone Bad]
For that bad scrill I'm past will
2000-02-22 Likwit Crew "Where Da Paper At" feat. King T, Xzibit [3 Strikes Soundtrack]
I'm by the freeway with a sign that say "Will kill for scrill"
2005-01-25 Paul Wall & Chamillionaire "True" feat. Lil' Flip [Controversy Sells]
Now me and Will chasing the scrill, we pulling up on chrome wheels
1996-09-10 Scarface "Skrilla" feat. Facemob [High School High Soundtrack]
Well, show me big skrill, and I will get live
2001-07-31 Tha Eastsidaz "Gang Bang 4 Real" feat. Bad Azz [Duces 'n Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way]
Slang thangs at will, known to blaze the steel
2001-11-13 UGK "Gold Grill" feat. 8Ball & MJG [Dirty Money]
Show ya grill if you will, and you down with the trill