2008-03-13 Magno "Dip Set" [Collection Plate]
New glock uzi, new hot floozy that'll give brain
2005-11-15 Kardinal Offishall "E.G.G. (Everybody Gone Gangsta)" feat. Vybz Kartel [Fire & Glory]
Beretta, Calico, uzi, make big man a scream like Susie
1998-05-19 Soulja Slim "Me & My Cousin" feat. Full Blooded [Give It 2 'Em Raw]
The next minute I'm with the uzi, got us ridin through deep, through the U-P-T
2010-02-09 Canibus "Air Strike (Pop Killer)" feat. D12, DZK [Melatonin Magik]
I use a uzi, cause I hate a TEC when it jams