1990-05-22 Eric B. & Rakim "Set 'Em Straight" [Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em]
If I sold weight, I'd be upstate
1995-08-01 Raekwon "Knuckleheadz" feat. Ghostface Killah, U-God [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...]
Further upstate, I heard they got crazy weight
1999-05-18 Big Pokey "Range Rover" feat. Big Steve [Hardest Pit In The Litter]
I heard that Peruvian weight with flakes move better upstate
2001-08-07 Killarmy "Lady Sings The Blues" [Fear, Love & War]
Dodgin jake, pushin weight on Shaolin and upstate
2006-01-10 Chamillionaire "Deep Off" feat. Bun B, Mddl Fngz [Man On Fire]
We movin much weight, and this one for pimp in a penitentiary upstate
2006-11-07 Big Pokey & Chris Ward "What A Gangsta Do" feat. Den Den, H.A.W.K., Vi [Mob 4 Life]
Have her on the interstate, upstate moving weight