Wu-Tang Killa Bees


1998-07-21 Wu-Tang Killa Bees "Execute Them" [The Swarm, Volume]
Might lose your eye sight, blood type, a-alike
1993-06-22 Professor X "Close The Crackhouse" feat. Big Daddy Kane, Brother J, Chuck D, Digital Underground, Two Kings In A Cipher, Wise Intelligent [Puss 'n Boots (The Struggle Continues...)]
You know the type to be smokin on a crack pipe
1998-04-25 3rd Eye "If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Right" [Planets]
With the hype type of flavor the ghetto kids like
1998-08-18 Black Star "Respiration" feat. Common [Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star]
New York life type trife, the Roman empire state