Ghostface Killah


1987-03-19 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Just Rockin'" [Rock The House]
If we kill a wack crew or two, so what
1999-09-21 Kane & Abel "States Evidence" feat. Boss Player, Ghinn, Skandalust, Tommy Two Face [Rise To Power]
A thick crew, a vest, a gun or two, is the best defense in the hood
2004-04-20 Ghostface Killah "Run" feat. Jadakiss [The Pretty Toney Album]
Imagine if I would've let off a shot or two, you know what I gotta do
2002-06-25 Ray Luv "Wit It" [A Prince In Exile]
I met two from New Jeru
2001-04-17 Miilkbone "A Few Good Men" feat. Chop Diesel, K Banger, Tame One [U Got Miilk?]
One, two, this is all New Jeruz
2002-06-25 Paul Wall & Chamillionaire "Go Grind" [Get Ya Mind Correct]
Hut one, hut two! We comin' through, what it do?
2005-07-12 Slim Thug "Boyz N Blue" feat. Chris Ward, Killa Kyleon, PJ, Sir Daily [Already Platinum]
2006-08-29 C-Note "Third Coast Born Prt. 2" [Network'n]
Part two, nigga, what it do
2007-07-03 T.I. "The Hottest" feat. Mac Boney [T.I. Vs. T.I.P.]
I heard one shot, then heard two, jumped up out the truck like "what it do?"
2011-04-12 Tyga "Lap Dance" [Black Thoughts Vol. 2]
One, one, two, two, bitch, what it do?