1992-09-22 Redman "I'm A Bad" [Whut? Thee Album]
My brain is twisted, so I cock the biscuit
2003-02-25 Mobb Deep "Solidified" [Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape]
Get it twisted and you will get twisted with chrome biscuits
1996-09 Foesum "Don't Get It Twisted" [Perfection]
Time to get lifted, but don't get it twisted
1997-08-26 Coolio "C U When U Get There" feat. 40 Thevz [My Soul]
The situation so twisted, everybody gettin lifted
2000-05-23 Eminem "Amityville" feat. Bizarre [The Marshall Mathers LP]
I get lifted and spin til I'm half twisted
2012-07-03 Armani of York "Crazy, Baby" [Child With A Gun]
I'm lifted, get twisted