Kid Capri


1998-08-24 Kid Capri "One On One" feat. Punchline, Ras Kass [Soundtrack To The Streets]
Collect riches, bone chickens without trickin
1999-06-22 Missy Elliott "Stickin' Chickens" feat. Aaliyah, Da Brat [Da Real World]
You trickin' off with these chickens, I thought you ain't have no flaws
1999-10-12 2nd II None "Whateva U Want" feat. AMG, James Debarge [Classic 220]
Rats to the chickens, niggaz still trickin'
2001-02-27 J Dilla "Shake It Down" [Welcome 2 Detroit]
Chickens be trickin' to get they hair done
2002-10-08 Boot Camp Clik "Daddy Wanna" [The Chosen Few]
Trickin with chickens on the ave that striptease
2001-02-27 Mac Mall "P.O.P." [Immaculate]
He like trickin' chips, I just wanna put dick between your lips