Missy Elliott


2005-07-05 Missy Elliott "Click Clack" [The Cookbook]
Click clack, cock back, semi-automatic track
1989-05-31 Unique & Dashan "Three The Hard Way" feat. MC Buggs [Black To The Future]
Get off the crack, you're ridin on the wrong track
1989-10-10 Ice-T "You Played Yourself" [The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech...]
Ride the track like a black mack in his 'lac
1985-11-18 LL Cool J "I Need A Beat" [Radio]
Track after track, culminating on wax
2001 King Just "You've Been Warned" [No Power On Earth]
Bullcrap that you call a track that you put on wax
2002 Deadly Venoms "Like What" [Still Standing]
Smash on wax, throw you way off track
1994 Shyheim "Wake Up Show Freestyle" feat. GZA, RZA [Best of The Wake Up Show '94 Vol.]
I flip that track like 2 kilos of crack packs
2001-11-20 The Jacka "Cuz I'm The Mack" [The Jacka]
I'd rather be the young sav on the track
1991-03 O.G. Style "Funky Payback" [I Know How To Play 'Em!]
Here's a track for the wack to show you that I'm stacked
1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "Where Ya From" feat. 8Ball [Murda Muzik]
Crack the wack into pieces when I hit the track
1999-09-28 Mac Dre "Mac Stabber" [Rapper Gone Bad]
I was on the track with a sack, sippin yack, strapped with a gat and a 9