Ebony Eyez


2005-10-04 Ebony Eyez "Real Life" feat. J-Kwon, Tarboy [7 Day Cycle]
With all your little thugs, go pop a bottle of bub
2001-12-04 Mack 10 "Let The Thugs In The Club" feat. B.G., Lil Wayne [Bang Or Ball]
Chi-town let the thugs in the club
2005-03-01 Pimp C "Everytime" feat. Devin The Dude [The Sweet James Jones Stories]
I'm in the club with them thugs, and we slang them thangs
1986-05-15 Run-D.M.C. "It's Tricky" [Raising Hell]
We are not thugs, we don't use drugs
1994-06-21 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Foe Tha Love of $" [Creepin on ah Come Up]
1994-06-21 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Down For My Thang" [Creepin on ah Come Up]
Them St. Clair thugs hustlin' drugs, gotta make that money, man
1995-11-07 GZA "Duel of The Iron Mic" feat. Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Ol' Dirty Bastard [Liquid Swords]
The thugs kill for drugs, plus the young bucks bust
1996-06-04 Delinquent Habits "Underground Connection" feat. Hurricane G, Sen-Dog [Delinquent Habits]
I'm sellin' records like thugs sellin' drugs
1996-09-24 The Dayton Family "Killer G's" [F.B.I.]
Just thugs, a bunch of drugs, and the big, thick bitches with crack pipes
1998-03-03 South Park Mexican "Hustle Town" feat. Filero [Hustle Town]
I sell drugs with thugs, hittin' licks off tricks
1998-09-28 Gangsta Boo "Be Real" feat. Crunchy Black [Enquiring Minds]
Bum-rushed by thugs, intoxicated with drugs
1999-02-23 Prince Paul "MC Hustler" feat. Horror City [A Prince Among Thieves]
Drugs, thugs, and slugs, the scene, it's so monotonous
2005-06-28 Cassidy "On The Grind" [I'm A Hustla]
I do this for the thugs that be hustling the drugs
2009-08-11 Slaughterhouse "Pray (It's A Shame)" [Slaughterhouse]
Instead of hangin with thugs, he's slangin drugs, shoulda got a college degree
2001-02-27 H.A.W.K. "Nigga What" feat. Lil' O [HAWK]
All my real thugs pulling up on dubs
2011-06-14 Random Axe "Another One" feat. Rock, Trick Trick [Random Axe]
Wannabe thugs fled and gave the ground a hug
2000-05-09 Big Ed "Forget About It" [Special Forces]
I hit a dap to my thugs, women get hugs
1997-04-22 Heavy D "Get Fresh Hev" [Waterbed Hev]
Buff thugs who show love, back-rubs from dimes
1998-03-24 Lil' Keke "Baller In The Mix" feat. Herschelwood Hardheadz [The Commission]
1999-10-12 YoungBloodZ "Hot Heat" feat. Backbone, Bone Crusher [Against Da Grain]
2002-09-10 Baby D "A-T-L Hoe" feat. Archie, Pastor Troy [Lil' Chopper Toy]
Fake thugs get blessed with a slug to the chest
1992-08-25 MC Serch "Hard But True" [Return of The Product]
Gangs of thugs carry slugs, use the mind as a glock 9
1992 Hard Knocks "Dirty Cop Named Harry" [School of Hard Knocks]
Five slugs for the five thugs he mugged
1993-04-13 Mobb Deep "Project Hallways" [Juvenile Hell]
38 slugs from uptown thugs
1998-02-24 C-BO "Raised In Hell" feat. Big Syke [Til' My Casket Drops]
Til the lord save me, straight thugs that'll dump slugs
1998-02-24 C-BO "Can We All Ball" feat. JT The Bigga Figga, Killa Tay [Til' My Casket Drops]
We dump slugs, and fuck thugs for their drugs
1999-02-23 Prince Paul "MC Hustler" feat. Horror City [A Prince Among Thieves]
Drugs, thugs, and slugs, the scene, it's so monotonous
2001-01-16 Daz Dillinger & JT The Bigga Figga "No Love" feat. The Commisiona, Guce [Long Beach 2 Fillmoe]
We live the life of thugs, slangin' drugs and duckin slugs
2001-07-10 Mr. Marcelo "Redrum" feat. Popeye [Streetz Got Luv 4 Me]
All for the love, my thugs be busting them slugs
2002-02-19 The Beatnuts "However Whenever (You Want It)" [Classic Nuts Vol. 1]
I don't trust thugs, I bust slugs
2002-05-28 Lil' Keke "Birds Fly South" [Birds Fly South]
We legendary thugs, known for shooting slugs
2002-06-04 L.G. Wise "Dat's Why We Die" feat. D.C.P. [Me Vs. Industry]
Let me holla at you true thugs, fo da ones wanna dump slugs
2002-06-25 Ray Luv "Money Ain't Enough" [A Prince In Exile]
Now the kids raised thugs with hollow-point slugs
2004-10-12 AZ "Affirmative Action II" feat. Cormega, Foxy Brown, Nas [Decade 1994-2004]
Fake thugs couldn't even take slugs or bury me
2005-03-30 Buddha Monk "Red Rum" feat. Da Manchuz [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 1: Throwbacks]
Thugs count your slugs, but ain't nobody killin
2006-02-23 Warcloud "Ghost Pirates (Old Los Angeles)" feat. Skarekrow [Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep]
Feet in the mud, my slugs are like thugs
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Klubb Nite" feat. 5 Foot Hyper Sniper, Heem, K-Blunt [Brain Food]
To my thugs in the club, we can show love or slugs
2008-04-14 Killah Priest "Mind As A Weapon" feat. Hell Razah [Black August: Revisited]
Thugs and drug dealers gettin' slugs and squealers
2009-04-17 Dr. Ama "Lay 'Em Down" feat. Blackk Starr, Stretch Strong Arm [Split Personali-d]
Spread her love, that's why I dump slugs, make thugs leak on her
2010-06-22 The Roots "Right On" feat. Joanna Newsom, STS [How I Got Over]
Where slugs fly, thugs cry, cause every part of it's gritty