Allfrumtha I


1998-04-21 Allfrumtha I "Dopest On The Planet" feat. Ice Cube, Mack 10 [Allfrumtha I]
We the dopest niggas on the planet, though
2013-07-04 Starlito "One Long Day" feat. Petty [Cold Turkey]
My eyes are low, they still on the prize, though, and I'm still lookin for five-o
1998-10-06 Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz "Smoke Wit You" feat. Baby Boy [Mobstability]
Pimpin', though, to pop a hoe, rollin' my Optimos
2002-06-11 Daz Dillinger "Bitch Bitch Bitch Make Me Rich" feat. Too $hort [This Is The Life I Lead]
Beotch! Hoe, I don't give a shit, though
2000-10-17 Reflection Eternal "Big Nel From Da Natti" feat. Big Nel [Train of Thought]
We sippin' on Henny, though, yeah, I like to smoke on the hydro
2007-04-13 Lil Wayne "Dipset" [Da Drought 3]
Just show a video wit R. Kelly, but no homo though
2011-02-22 Joell Ortiz "Good Man Is Gone" [Free Agent]
Handsome nigga, no homo, B, you had that glow though, see
1992-10-20 Grand Puba "Back It Up" feat. Kid Capri [Reel To Reel]
I'm crazy on the low, but I go places though
1997-11-04 Jay-Z "The City Is Mine" feat. Blackstreet [In My Lifetime, Vol. 1]
On the low though, shh, the city is mine
1999-02-23 Black Moon "Frame" feat. Cocoa Brovaz [War Zone]
1999-11-16 Raekwon "The Table" feat. Masta Killa [Immobilarity]
Yo, we do this on the low, though
2003-10-21 Loon "Down For Me" feat. Mario Winans, P. Diddy [Loon]
Even though on the low it get hectic
2005-07-05 Missy Elliott "Bad Man" feat. M.I.A., Vybz Kartel [The Cookbook]
Some people are rude on the low, though
2011-12-09 50 Cent "Put Ya Hands Up" [The Big 10]
I get to shootin, but keep that on the low, though
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "2 All You Hoes" [Year of The Underdawgs]
On the low-low, fa' sho, though, you know
2002-11-19 Dead Prez "Turn Off The Radio" [Turn Off The Radio: The Mixtape Vol. 1]
Really though, we really got beef with the po-po
2009-09-15 M.O.P. "Sharks In The Water" [Foundation]
I'mma do it like a G though, nigga, you know the steelo
1996-07-01 Nas "Album Intro" [It Was Written]
Yo, word up, though, you know what I mean?