Al' Tariq


1996-08-20 Al' Tariq "Peace Akki" feat. Psycho Les [God Connections]
Straight out the Q-boro, my shit thorough
2000-09-12 LL Cool J "Intro" [G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)]
I got to represent, Q-boro, the thorough
1998-09-20 Deadly Venoms "Ring Bells Posse (P.Y.N. Symphony)" feat. K.G.B., M.M.O. [Antidote]
My crew thorough, comin' through, reppin' Q-borough
2002-04-09 Gravediggaz "Man Only Fears" feat. Shogun Assason [Nightmare In A-Minor]
Rap steelo, thorough, home on the furlough