Tech N9ne


2005-03-22 Tech N9ne "My Own Hell" [Vintage Tech]
I'm bout to make it so we can bling, get us nice things
2007-11 Fes Taylor "New York" feat. Lon Dini, Pa Bazil [Needles, Thread & Fabric]
How we do things, even my shoes bling
2010-02-23 Hodgy Beats "Chris Sawyer" [The Dena Tape]
Havin the bling, because he never had the finer things
2003-05-20 Inspectah Deck "Shorty Right There" feat. Streetlife [The Movement]
I can tell by the bling-bling, you like the finer things
2005-03-08 Classified "Still Hip-Hop Interlude" feat. Mic Boyd [Boy-Cott-In the Industry]
The bling bling, shiny things, backpacks and all of that
2002-12-10 504 Boyz "Tight Whips" feat. Lil' Romeo, Magic [Ballers]
Catch me on lean, car clean, we doing big things
2000-12-12 Field Mob "Project Dreams" [613: Ashy To Classy]
Now I got a chance to change things and maintain