2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Fuck Y'all" [Osirus]
Strap in the back of the Ac', Dirty rose like that
2006-11-21 Jay-Z "30 Something" [Kingdom Come]
By 22 I had that brand new Ac' coupe
1993-11-09 Wu-Tang Clan "Protect Ya Neck" [Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)]
Yo, chill with the feedback, black, we don't need that
2004-07-20 Mac Dre "She Neva Seen" [The Genie of The Lamp]
Mami on my bozac, I'm pimpin', and she knows that, nigga, where the hoes at
2010-12-07 DJ Premier "Ya Dayz R #'D (Remix)" feat. Freddie Foxxx, The Lady of Rage, NYGz, Royce Da 5'9 [Get Used To Us]
You thinkin I can't flow that? You can get the bozack
2009-09-15 M.O.P. "What I Wanna Be" feat. Rell [Foundation]
Sheisty-ass cats like that, we leave 'em on the pavement
1998-03-24 Das EFX "Rap Scholar" feat. Redman [Generation EFX]
Click-clack, get back, dunn, let me rip that
2009-03-17 Saigon "The Rules" [All In A Day's Work]
I used to cook crack, they took that, I learn to jux cats
2012-09-25 Danny! "Misunderstood" feat. Blu, Lil B [Payback]
She didn't wanna put him through that, so she went back to the crack
1991-09-17 MC Lyte "Like That Anna" [Act Like You Know]
Give me dap, perhaps admit that I'm all that
2014-06-03 Sage Francis "The Place She Feared Most" [Copper Gone]
Let's shake to that, don't wanna give you dap
1994-10-27 Artifacts "Cummin Thru Ya F--Kin' Block" feat. Redman [Between A Rock & A Hard Place]
Artifacts get dapped like that y'all
1987-11-06 N.W.A. "8 Ball" [N.W.A. & The Posse]
Had to go in my trunk, reach inside, cause it's like that, came back out with a silver gat
1992-09-22 Redman "Tonight's Da Night" [Whut? Thee Album]
Beef after that, Hurricane G packs the gat, son
1994-09-13 The Notorious B.I.G. "Gimme The Loot" [Ready To Die]
Let me get the vest, no need for that, just grab the fucking gat
1999-11-02 Lil Wayne "Watcha Wanna Do" [Tha Block Is Hot]
I'm 'bout war, totin' a gat, flippin' a car and all that
2003-11-18 Esham "Get Doe" [Repentance]
Cash over ass, never in a rat trap, tote the gat for that
2006-10-03 Unk "Smokin' Sticky Sticky" [Beat'n Down Yo Block]
Sippin 'gnac, whip the 'llac, some trippin', smokin' that
2004-02-24 Paul Wall "Hustler Stackin' Ends" feat. Big Shasta, Yung Redd [Chick Magnet]
See the rims under the 'lac, now, what you call that?
2007-02-13 J.R. Writer "Overdrive" feat. 40 Cal. [Writers Block 4]
I give him some dap and skip to the lac, that's that
2000-10-10 E-40 "Nigga Shit" feat. The Click, Mack 10 [Loyalty & Betrayal]
2000 'llac, can you fuck with that?
1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "I Ain't No Joke" [Paid In Full]
They think that I'm a new jack, but only if they knew that
1998-11-17 Method Man "Killin' Fields" [Tical 2000: Judgement Day]
I'm off the meat rack, quick to react, my niggaz need that
1998 Lord Have Mercy "Say What Say What" [Say What Say What]
Believe that, off the meat rack, pick the beef up
1999-07-27 Jurassic 5 "Concrete & Clay" [Improvise]
We put it on wax for those who think that
1998-03-24 Das EFX "Rap Scholar" feat. Redman [Generation EFX]
Spit that, flip that, shit to push your wig back
2011 E.S.G. "Sick & Tired" [Owner's Manual]
Lying bout racks and lying bout stacks, man, I'm sick and tired of that
2012-04-05 The Game "They Don't Want None" feat. Pharrell, Shyne [California Republic]
I just won a hundred racks on blackjack, and you know I'm 'bout to blow that
1992-09-29 Lighter Shade of Brown "Hip Hop Locos" [Hip Hop Locos]
Like this, like that, spit game when I rap
2009-08-31 Pitbull "Give Them What They Ask For" [Rebelution]
I'm tired of the fuck-boy rap, fuck-boy this, fuck-boy that
2013-08-20 Earl Sweatshirt "Chum" [Doris]
Searching for a big brother, Tyler was that, plus he liked how I rap
2014-05-06 Tech N9ne "The Calling" feat. Tyler Lyon [Strangeulation]
You twist that big sack and hit that
2003-07-22 Lil' Keke "I Use Rhymes" feat. 1 Da Boy [Street Stories Vol. 1]
Them haters didn't like that, true that
1994-01-18 Kurious "Walk Like A Duck" [A Constipated Monkey]
It's like that, never labelled a wack
1994-06-21 The Beatnuts "Yeah You Get Props" [The Beatnuts]
Huh, it's like that, we could never be the wack
2001-04-24 KMD "It Sounded Like A Roc" [Black Bastards]
Cease with the wack, I'm never ever booty over that
1999-05-04 Mac-Shawn "Thought You Knew" feat. Daz Dillinger, E-40 [Chronic 2000: Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)]
Remember that, nigga, we back, still got money, sippin yac