1999-12-28 Jay-Z "Watch Me" feat. Dr. Dre [Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter]
Still gettin brain, and it's plain ain't a thang gon' change over
2011-11-15 Drake "The Motto" feat. Lil Wayne [Take Care]
Still gettin brain from a thang, ain't shit change
2014-01-07 Kid Ink "Main Chick" feat. Chris Brown [My Own Lane]
She gon' gimme that brain, so we can do our thang
2014-06-03 Travis Porter "Get It How U Live" [Music, Money, Magnums]
I keep my thang, lil nigga, while I'm gettin some brain, my nigga
1997-03-25 Warren G "Transformers" [Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)]
Tryin to represent, but don't know about the gang thang
1995-03-08 Big L "Street Struck" [Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous]
If that's what you gotta do to maintain, go 'head and do your thang
1997-05-20 Boot Camp Clik "Ohkeedoke" [For The People]
Maintain and keep doin' my thang
1999-06-29 Tre-8 "Do What U Wanna" feat. Code 6, Zeeda [Armageddon - The Last Day For Rappers]
It's a part of the game to maintain, so do your thang
2002-07-29 Big Mello "What Goes Around" [The Gift]
Stack your paper, mayne, and maintain, do your thang, stay out the rain
2003-06-03 Big Moe "Roll Candy Red" feat. Killa Milla, Noke D [Moe Life...]
I try to do my thug thang, keep a level head, and maintain
2007-03-27 Young Buck "U Ain't Goin Nowhere" feat. Latoiya Williams [Buck The World]
You know the game, maintain, and do ya thang
2007-11-13 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "So Many Places" [T.H.U.G.S.]
Do the damn thang, and I've got to maintain, try not to go insane
2008-02-05 Bone Brothers "Momma" [Bone Brothers III]
Stack your paper, do your thang, bang, bang, you gotta maintain
2008-03-07 Snoop Dogg "Staxxx In My Jeans" [Ego Trippin]
Maintain 'til that thang come out the trunk
1998-03-11 Jay-Z "Wishing On A Star" feat. Gwen Dickey [Wishing On A Star]
Maintainin, it's the same old thang
2008-08-27 Chamillionaire "Block On Smash" [Mix Tape Messiah 4]
If you do your thang, I'ma make it rain
1999-09-21 Jim Crow "I Know You Know" [Crow's Nest]
It ain't no thang, we can run a train
1988-08-08 N.W.A. "Gangsta Gangsta" [Straight Outta Compton]
I don't slang or bang, I just smoke motherfuckers like it ain't no thang
1991-10-03 Scarface "Mr. Scarface" [Mr. Scarface Is Back]
2006-07-21 PJ "Feeling Real Fly" [Rap Hustler 2]
We swang, it's a H-town thang
2006-02-28 Trae "All Alone" feat. Billy Cook [Later Dayz]
On swangas on Fondren & Main, I barely knew a thang
2004-04-20 Boss Hogg Outlawz "It's Going Down" [Boyz-N-Blue]
Candy, grills, and swangs, it's a H-town thang
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "What Ya Know About" feat. Killa Kyleon, Paul Wall [Who Is Mike Jones?]
It's an H-town thang, when you riding on swangs
1997-10-21 The Firm "Fuck Somebody Else" [The Album]
Cum stains on the wood grain, had a good thang
1995-11-21 Three 6 Mafia "Be A Witness" feat. Killa Klan Kaze [Live By Yo Rep]
Chevy thang, pop out, woodgrain, leather seats