1988-09-01 Marley Marl "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" feat. Master Ace [In Control, Volume 1]
Wrackin your brain as you strain to maintain, sustain
1995-03-07 Nine "Redrum" [Nine Livez]
It puts a strain on my brain, as I try to maintain
1995-10-31 Tha Dogg Pound "Reality" feat. Tray Dee [Dogg Food]
I remain, I maintain, ain't that much strain
1995-11-07 Erick Sermon "Move On" feat. Passion, Redman [Double Or Nothing]
Niggas fallin' off, it's strain to maintain
1995-11-14 5th Ward Boyz "Concrete Hell" [Rated G]
Tryna maintain, keep the strain out ma brain
1997-05-20 Boot Camp Clik "Black Out" [For The People]
No strain, meditation helps me to maintain
1997-10-14 Gravediggaz "Hidden Emotions" [The Pick, The Sickle, & The Shovel]
There's stress and strain, tryin to maintain
2002-03-19 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Caught Up" feat. Mack 10, Royal Flush [Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones]
With new strain I maintain, I'm ready and willin'