1999-09-21 A.G. "Drop It Heavy" feat. Big Pun, KRS-One [The Dirty Version]
Hops, your luck stops
2004-04-20 Boss Hogg Outlawz "Rainin" [Boyz-N-Blue]
When you dead or on lock, that's when that ballin stops
1992-11-23 Paris "Thinka 'Bout It" [Sleeping With The Enemy]
Got much props from my pops cause he never stops
1993-05-25 Big Daddy Kane "Looks Like A Job For..." [Looks Like A Job For...]
The rap, it never stops, til I get my props
1994-06-21 Grand Daddy I.U. "Represent" feat. Lumberjack [Lead Pipe]
The scam stops nevers, I demand props forever