Dead Prez


2000-03-14 Dead Prez "Hip-Hop" [Let's Get Free]
This real hip-hop, and it don't stop 'til we get the po-po off the block
2009-05-05 Lil' Head "I Wreck Shop" feat. Big Bee [Tha 4'3 Giant]
Street sweep your whole block, and make twelve hearts stop
2004 S.L.A.B. "All I Have" feat. Charlie Berry, Paul Wall [Volume 4]
On a bop that wanna be jocking, my ballin'll never stop
1996-07-29 UGK "Ridin' Dirty" [Ridin' Dirty]
You'd be surprised how them boppers wink, girl, I can't stop
2000-06-13 Z-Ro "Steady Ballin - Slowed" feat. H.A.W.K. [Z-Ro vs. The World]
I'm still not, gonna stop for bops
2000-10-10 Z-Ro "Steady Ballin'" feat. H.A.W.K. [Z-Ro Vs. The World]
I'm still not gonna stop for bops
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "Southside Story" feat. H.A.W.K., Willean [Year of The Underdawgs]
Might slow my pace, but never stop for bops
1993-11-08 Brotha Lynch Hung "Lose A Hoe, Gain A Hoe" [24 Deep]
Yeah and ya don't stop, hoes keep giving up that cock
2002-04-23 Big Moe "Cash" feat. D-Reck, Pimp C [Purple World]
Bitch, you need to stop, you need to sell some cock
2001-07-10 P. Diddy "On Top" feat. Loon, Marsha [The Saga Continues...]
I love when a playa-hata try to knock me or cock-block me, but you can't stop me
1991-08-19 Cypress Hill "Hole In The Head" [Cypress Hill]
I stop to cop, here let me tell you somethin
1996-07-30 A Tribe Called Quest "The Hop" [Beats, Rhymes & Life]
You going up to cop, a town full of brick don't stop
2002-04-23 Big Moe "We Won't Stop" feat. Dirty $, Z-Ro [Purple World]
It don't stop, unless you want to cop a burial plot
1996-11-19 Foxy Brown "Get Me Home" feat. Blackstreet [Ill Na Na]
In the six drop, boo, and it don't stop
1999 D-Gotti "Dirty 3rd" feat. Dirty $, Double D, Noke D [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
We drop it like it's hot, cause the shit don't stop
2005-06-21 Master P "Shake What Ya Got" feat. Black, C-Los, Pop, Tank [Ghetto Bill]
1997-11-04 Rakim "It's Been A Long Time" [The 18th Letter]
People see me, stop and ask me when the album droppin
2010-11-16 Nelly "Making Movies" feat. Rico Love [5.0]
You can get that guap, as long as you don't stop
1979-08-25 The Sugarhill Gang "Rapper's Delight" [Rapper's Delight]
I said a hip hop, the hibbit, the hippidibby hip hip hoppa, you don't stop
1989-05-31 Unique & Dashan "House Is Taking Over" feat. Arnold Jarvis [Black To The Future]
Make it to the top and won't stop or ever drop from this thing we call hip-hop
1990-07-17 Boogie Down Productions "Original Lyrics" feat. Special K [Edutainment]
I like these ops, so I'll try not to stop, but drop the new hip-hop, and get props
1992-09-22 Da Lench Mob "Buck Tha Devil" [Guerillas In Tha Mist]
That shit's gotta stop, so I kick the hip-hop
1993-10-12 Leaders of The New School "Spontaneous (13 Mc's Deep!)" [T.I.M.E.]
Stop, hops, see I'm coking on Pop Rocks
1995-07-18 Guru "Lost Souls" feat. Jamiroquai [Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality]
I think that needs to stop, hops
2008-06-30 G-Unit "Ready Or Not" [T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight]
Stop, drop, or get lead in your knot
2000-04-11 Da Brat "Breeve On Em" feat. .22 [Unrestricted]
I don't stop, I stay hot, y'all stay shocked, we keep it locked
1997-10-14 Black Star "Soundbombing Freestyle" [Soundbombing]
Just like a convict on lock, the beat never stop
2003-09-09 Trae "Strugglin" feat. Dougie D, Shyna [Losing Composure]
I know I can't stop, for my brother on lock
2004-06-28 The Clayborne Family "Stick 'Em" feat. Tim Dog [Clayborne Family]
I got the streets on lock, listen, Clayborne don't stop, c'mon
2007-07-31 Vents "Fuck 'Em Up" feat. Sesta [Hard To Kill]
Keep the town on lock, stop the madness
2017-06-20 DJ Khaled "It's Secured" feat. Nas, Travis Scott [Grateful]
I pray the Lord stop a opp before I go backwards
1992-02-25 Fu-Schnickens "La Schmoove" feat. Phife Dawg [F.U. Don't Take It Personal]
I don't stop, drop, I get props
1993-11-16 Queen Latifah "Just Another Day" [Black Reign]
You know I gotta get props, I can't stop
2009-06-09 DJ Quik & Kurupt "Ohh!" [BlaQKout]
I used to slang rocks, but I was told to stop
1999 D-Gotti "Dirty 3rd" feat. Dirty $, Double D, Noke D [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Third coast won't stop, the hot spot
2006-02-28 S.L.A.B. "The South" feat. J-Doe, Yung Redd, Z-Ro [Vol. 4.5: Plex]
Hustled on every spot, my wheels never stop
2005-06-28 Cassidy "Kick It Wit Tou" feat. Mario [I'm A Hustla]
Gettin top at the bus stop, I'm droppin you off, yup
1999-03-09 E.S.G. "Ball Till We Die" feat. Noke D [Shinin N Grindin]
The shit don't stop we wreck shop, down in Texas