Lil' O


2000-11-21 Lil' O "Hold It Down" feat. BFK, Z-Ro [Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze]
Reignin the states with the flakes
2000 Half A Mill "New Millennium" [Milion]
Hustle weight, stab a half a cake on your girl, skatin thru states
2003-09-03 Lil Rob "California" [The Album]
Controllin' states, pushin' weight
2004-08-04 Theodore Unit "Paychecks" [718]
Movin' birds and weight through suburban states
2005-05-10 Juice "Sick of Hustlin'" feat. Marvo [All Bets Off]
I moved a lotta weight through a lot of states
2007-10-29 La The Darkman & Willie The Kid "Don't Worry Bout It" [Dead Presidents]
I'd rather flip weight, get cake, switch states
2008-05-06 Mr. Shadow "You Could Tell" [Southsider For Life]
Pushing weight as far as I can, I got 48 states in the palm of my hand