Memphis Bleek


2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "We Get Low" [The Understanding]
Then we fly out of the state, let shots out of the 8
2003-06-03 Big Moe "Ride With Us" feat. D-Gotti, Dirty $, D-Reck, Tyte Eyez [Moe Life...]
In the lone star state, we stay paid, nigga
2010 Joell Ortiz "Sing Like Bilal (Remix)" feat. Sheek Louch [Farewell Summer EP]
Seven one eight, I'm reppin the state
1995-05-09 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Ol Dirty's Back" feat. 12 O'Clock [Tales From The Hood Soundtrack]
Son run the state, carrying coke by the weight
1995-10-31 Cypress Hill "Killafornia" [Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom]
1995-11-21 Funkmaster Flex "Rasta T Freestyle" feat. Rasta T [The Mix Tape, Vol. 1: 60 Minutes of Funk]
Transport the weight in about every state
1996-05-28 Shyheim "What Makes The World Go Round" feat. D.V., Rubbabandz, Smoothe, Trigger [The Lost Generation]
State to state, pushin' weight make the world go round
1997-05-13 Master P "Meal Ticket" feat. 8Ball & MJG, UGK [I'm Bout It Soundtrack]
1997-08-19 Royal Flush "International Currency" feat. Wastlanz [Ghetto Millionaire]
Makin' moves, state to state weight sales
1998-10-20 Kool G Rap "Da Bosses Lady" feat. Camileone [Roots of Evil]
Wanted by the jakes for takin powder weight outta state
1998 Ras Kass "Understandable Smooth" [Understandable Smooth]
1998 Cool Breeze "Gangsta Partna" feat. Big Boi [Hoodlum Soundtrack]
Gettin weight from outta state
1999-06-01 TRU "Hard N's" feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Master P [Da Crime Family]
From the city to the state, I'm pushing rhymes like weight
1999-08-24 Made Men "Clockin' C-Notes" feat. Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Soopafly, Tray Deee [Classic Limited Edition]
Pushin weight state to state, like a kilo
2000-02-15 The Murderers "Get It Right" feat. Black Child, Tah Murdah [Irv Gotti Presents... The Murderers]
Bubble the weight from state to state, ya heard, nigga
2000-04-18 Tony Touch "U Know The Rules (Mi Vida Loca)" feat. Cypress Hill [The Piece Maker]
Move weight, international, state to state
2000-10-10 Z-Ro "The Dirty 3rd" feat. Enjoli, Wood [Z-Ro Vs. The World]
Moving state to state, pushing albums like weight
2000 Kingpin Skinny Pimp "Cock Roaches" feat. 211 [Controversy]
Bitch, I push weight state to state, you can fake
2001-01-16 Daz Dillinger & JT The Bigga Figga "Still Hustlin'" [Long Beach 2 Fillmoe]
Clockin' loot from state to state, movin' major weight
2001-07-24 Cormega "5 For 40" [The Realness]
Niggas outta state, you want weight, you pay higher
2001-10-23 Ras Kass "Van Gogh" [Van Gogh]
2002-06-25 Styles "A Gangster & A Gentleman" [A Gangster & A Gentleman]
Got niggas I can't name, outta state niggas fuck with weight
2003-08-19 T.I. "Trap Muzik" feat. Mac Boney [Trap Muzik]
Baby, state to state intimidate niggas in the city, who've been moving weight
2007-05-08 Z-Ro "Going Down In The South" feat. Big Boss [Power]
I got partnas in the state, for killing niggaz or moving weight
2007-10-29 La The Darkman & Willie The Kid "America's Nightmare" [Dead Presidents]
Push weight through the state of Tennessee like a titan
2008-02-14 Darkim Be Allah "Put A Hit Out/I Did It" [The Manhattan Project]
Move your shit in and out of state to push weight on your corner
2008-03-18 Sheek Louch "We Spray Crowds" [Silverback Gorilla]
Keep weight on the plate, and rep yo' state
2008-07-01 Brooklyn Zu "Get That Cheese" feat. Captain Midnight, Shyheim [Chamber #9, Verse 32]
I'm good with weight, I move it state to state
2009-05-06 Raekwon "Beauty" feat. Joell Ortiz, N.O.R.E. [Blood On Chef's Apron]
Out of state money was coming great, we sold weight
2009-12-15 Obie Trice "Got Hungry" [Special Reserve]
Pushin big weight, from state to state