Young Lay


1996-07-04 Young Lay "Got 2 Survive" feat. 2Pac, Mac Mall, Ray Luv [Black 'n Dangerous]
I'm finna squeeze, stack cheese
1999-12-07 The Notorious B.I.G. "Biggie" feat. Junior M.A.F.I.A. [Born Again]
Now when I cock back and squeeze my Desert E's
2005-10-04 Tragedy Khadafi "Gorilla Rap" feat. Raekwon [Thug Matrix]
When I squeeze, have the D's go down like the ferry
2011-02-15 Saigon "Come On Baby" feat. Swizz Beats [Greatest Story Never Told]
Hammers like the Pampers used to squeeze, hit the DT
2003 Juelz Santana "My Problem (Jealousy)" [From Me To U]
I'm a G, I will cock and squeeze
1995-09-26 Das EFX "Alright" [Hold It Down]
Squeeze these, cos we're gettin paid by the G's wit ease, word up
1997-07-29 Sauce Money "Against The Grain" [Soul In The Hole Soundtrack]
Gung-ho chicks squeeze for me, crazy G's for me
1992-07 Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics "Confused" [Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop]
My main squeeze was the neighborhood skeez
1989-04-22 Gang Starr "No More Mr. Nice Guy" [No More Mr. Nice Guy]
They wanna tease me and skeeze me and please me, to squeeze the bucks
1990-03-19 Salt-n-Pepa "Do You Want Me" [Blacks' Magic]
About some skeeze who did the squeeze
1992-11-24 Apache "Woodchuck" feat. Cee, Double J, Latee, Treach, Vinnie [Apache Ain't Shit]
I squeeze a skeeze and do away with the dick tease