Naughty By Nature


1991-08-30 Naughty By Nature "Rhyme'll Shine On" feat. Aphrodite [Naughty By Nature]
A song which is on and long but still cock-strong
2008-07-07 M.anifest "Manifestations" [Manifestations]
Another song, Philly cats call that a jawn
2012-08-19 Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama "Weight Scale" [On The House]
Niggaz listen like, "Ain't this about a bitch?" like it's a Drake song, cause my cake long
2003-04-27 Z-Ro "Real Niggaz" feat. Mr. Drastic, Phenom [Z-Ro Tolerance]
Sadaam's greatest song, with money longer than LeBron
1999-03-23 C-Murder "Runnin From The Police" feat. Mystikal [Foolish Soundtrack]
Word is born, it all started when I listened to a rap song