Naughty By Nature


1987-02-10 Public Enemy "Public Enemy No. 1" [Yo! Bum Rush The Show]
I can go solo like a Tyson bolo
1991-01-15 Gang Starr "Take A Rest" [Step In The Arena]
My vocals go solo, and like a bolo, I'll hit cha
1991-08-30 Naughty By Nature "Yoke The Joker" [Naughty By Nature]
Swingin a bolo, your flow goes solo
1988-11-15 King Tee "Just Clowning" feat. MC Breeze, Mixmaster Spade [Act A Fool]
Hittin like bolos when I go solo
1992-07-21 House of Pain "Feel It" [House of Pain]
Solo, bolos are what I'll be throwin'
2000-04-04 Big Pun "It's So Hard" feat. Donell Jones [Yeeeah Baby]
One deep, I be solo, bustin' heat, throwin bolos
1992 Proper Dos "First Day of School" [Mexican Power]
You heard the one about the loco cholo going solo?
2001-07-10 Mr. Lil One "Stay With Me" [Tha 13th Skorn]
Listen to the cholo, blowin up solo
2007-04-10 Down A.K.A. Kilo "Lean Like A Cholo" [Definition of An Ese]
I ain't going home solo, cause I lean like a cholo
1995-01-17 The Roots "The Lesson, Pt. 1" [Do You Want More?!!!??!]
It's the Philly borough dread, thoroughbred for dolo, I bag solo
1996-07-01 Nas "Take It In Blood" [It Was Written]
I dolo, challenge any team or solo
1999-08-10 Kool Keith "The Girls Don't Like The Job" [Black Elvis/Lost In Space]
The group solo, that's right, dolo
1999-10-05 U-God "Enter U-God" [Golden Arms Redemption]
This time it's me, dolo, solo here, brah!
1999-10-05 U-God "Enter U-God" [Golden Arms Redemption]
This time it's me dolo, solo here, brah!
1999-11-02 Tash "Only When I'm Drunker" feat. Tha Alkaholiks [Rap Life]
I ain't solo, I ain't dolo
2002-04-09 Gravediggaz "Man Only Fears" feat. Shogun Assason [Nightmare In A-Minor]
Dolo, solo, singular, similar to none
2011-12-13 Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa "World Class" [Mac & Devin Go To High School]
Solo, creepin on the dolo, tippin like a low-low
1995-06-20 Mack 10 "Here Comes The G" [Mack 10]
Solo flow show with my bitch & my lo lo
2001-03-20 Kam "Have A Fit" feat. Big Solo, Ms. Red Bone [Kamnesia]
Baby, I'm solo, let's take a ride in my lo-lo
1989-10-17 Sir Mix-A-Lot "The (Peek-A-Boo) Game" [Seminar]
Coco went loco, so they paid to see her solo
2011-12-13 Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa "World Class" [Mac & Devin Go To High School]
Solo creepin on the dolo tippin like a low-low
2010-09-28 Hell Razah "Fear of God" [Heaven Razah]
Ever since I was solo, I heard 'em taking shots on the low-low
2013-09-24 Drake "Tuscan Leather" [Nothing Was the Same]
That's just me on my solo, like fuck it, like YOLO