Mack 10


1995-06-20 Mack 10 "Mack 10's The Name" [Mack 10]
I slang boulder, I soldiers the west side streets
1995-04-11 Mack 10 "Take A Hit" [Friday Soundtrack]
Cookin up boulders, got a crew fulla soldiers
2003-07-22 Lil' Keke "I Use Rhymes" feat. 1 Da Boy [Street Stories Vol. 1]
Where my down-south soldiers, lighting up doja
1996-07-11 U.N.L.V. "Rape U 4 Your Life" [Uptown 4 Life]
Soldiers out da Nolia
2000 Tec-9 "Mac Melph Calio (Remix)" feat. Lil Ya [Ready 4 War]
I'm in the Nolia, I'm surrounded by soldiers
2001-08-21 Juvenile "Outro - Let's Go" feat. Baby, Big G, Lac, Mike, Sickwitit, Steppa [Project English]
I'm from tha Nolia, where foot soldiers ride Benz and shit
2006-10-31 Birdman & Lil Wayne "Ain't Worried 'Bout Shit" [Like Father, Like Son]
Disrespect that Nolia, dog, them third world Hot Boy soldiers, dog