Dead Prez


2000-03-14 Dead Prez "Behind Enemy Lines" [Let's Get Free]
You know how the game go, 18 years because the 5-0 said so
1988-08-08 N.W.A. "Parental Discretion Iz Advised" feat. The D.O.C. [Straight Outta Compton]
I get low on the flow, so let your kids know
1994-10-25 Fu-Schnickens "Breakdown" [Nervous Breakdown]
I'm loco, oh, they don't know very well, so
2003-11-14 G-Unit "Beg For Mercy" feat. Dr. Dre [Beg For Mercy]
Check my resume, I am oh so loco
2003-11-04 Apathy "Immortal" [It's The Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Vol. 1]
So I'm on the low, hiding from the average man
2009-06-30 Tash "Tony Touch Intro" feat. Tony Touch [Control Freek]
So keep it on the low
2005-07-12 Slim Thug "Boyz N Blue" feat. Chris Ward, Killa Kyleon, PJ, Sir Daily [Already Platinum]
Optimo full of dro, so fantastic
1999-11-30 Mr. Pookie "Southern Made Playa" feat. K-Roc [Tha Rippla]
I like 'em burnin slow, so now I'm off to get some Optimos
1993-07-20 Threat "PDK" [Sickinnahead]
Po-po can't have my life, or my soul, so
1994-04-19 Nas "Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)" [Illmatic]
Back down po-po, when I'm vexed so
2002 Mike Jones "In Da Club" [Ballin' Underground]
X-O in our system, so you know that hoe fiending