Chubb Rock


1992 Chubb Rock "I'm Too Much" [I Gotta Get Mine Yo!]
I take a snake, and shake and bake the flake
2006-04 Buddha Monk & Da Manchuz "Mongolian Wars" [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 4: Manchuz Dynasty]
Went through my pape, barely escaped, and attacked from a water snake
1996-08-27 Sir Mix-A-Lot "Man U Luv Ta Hate" [Return of The Bumpasaurus]
If you want to playa hate, eat a big ol' snake
1997-02-18 TRU "Ghetto Cheese" [Tru 2 Da Game]
I gotta be cold like a snake, cuz nigga, these days I playa hate
1997 Rampage "The Set Up" [Scouts Honor By Way of Blood]
She's a snake, all she do is hustle weight