The Coup


1996-04-30 Spice 1 "Slugs" [Original Gangstas Soundtrack]
Hit the corner on a 3 wheel with a 4-5 by my side
2001-03-06 Daz Dillinger & JT The Bigga Figga "Lovin' It" [Game For Sale]
Nothin' but ballers on this side in the 415
2001-11-06 The Coup "Get Up" feat. Dead Prez [Party Music]
You better choose your side, Crip, Blood, 415
1994-11-22 Spice 1 "Stickin' To The 'G' Code" feat. Rosa Knight [Amerikkka's Nightmare]
Yeah I got some real niggas on my side ready to hoo-ride
1999-07-13 Lil' Cease "Chicken Heads" [The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo]
Get a lady by my side, when we puff la
2009-10-27 Z-Ro "Southside" feat. Lil' Flip [Cocaine]
Man, I love my side, let me puff my la
2003-03-11 Killer Mike "Re-Akshon Remix" feat. Bun B, T.I. [Monster]
Sig-sauer by my side, swervin' and blowin' pine
1998-07-14 69 Boyz "Backseat" [The Wait Is Over]
Barrel in the back, clip to the side, 3 wheel motion as I ride
1999-12-07 N.W.A. "Chin Check" [Next Friday Soundtrack]
I'ma ride for my side in the CPT
2002-08-01 50 Cent "Pt2 & Bump Heads" feat. G-Unit [No Mercy, No Fear]
Fuck who's in ya ride, there's tools on my side